Saturday, May 25, 2013

I don't know how many of you even follow our family blog anymore and I have considered taking it down, but I remember how much I enjoyed my fellow adoptive families blogs when we were waiting. It is hard to find any spare time to write though. On May 7, we celebrated a quiet Gotcha Day with a nice dinner at home. And then as of last Sunday May 12, Mother's Day, we have been home with Kayti for one year. It seems as if time has flown by. I remember writing in my journal shortly after we got home Can't wait to see what changes being home one year will make. And now we are there!  I remember every detail of our Gotcha trip and have relived it in my mind a lot this past week, remembering what we were doing on each day. It has been a week of reflection. For those of you who haven't kept up on Facebook, Kayti started preschool and the Edinboro IU5 at Saegertown elementary school in April. She goes 2 days a week for 2.5 hours a day. She loves it and it is helping her a lot already. She has made some new friends and is learning to play with the other kids. It is very repetitive and that is exactly what she needs. She is learning more words and phrases all the time. One of the biggest things she did this past week was tell the teacher that she had to go potty and did. This is major because she still does not like being changed by strangers and she hates public toilets. She still loves Mickey Mouse and knows the words to the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme. She loves to sing any song and the other day at church, she started singing Jesus Loves Me and I didn't even know she knew the words, although I do sing it to her and she got a stuffed bunny for Easter that sings it.  She also still loves Dora, Bubble Guppies, SpongeBob, Elmo, Doc McStuffins, and Sofia the first. She can tell you who each one is if you show her a picture of one. I am so thankful and grateful every day for this sweet girl. She is such a blessing. She has grown almost 7 inches and gained about 14 pounds in this past year. She is a good little eater and loves fruits and vegetables which makes me happy. We are looking forward to summer after a very LONG winter. We just got Kayti a new bicycle and a trampoline, so those should be lots of fun. We are looking forward to Memorial Day this weekend and then my birthday and the Bulgarian Reunion. We still want to go back for another one and there MAY be an announcement about that coming up soon. I don't want to say anything more yet  because I don't want to jinx anything. I will leave you all in suspense for now!! Here are some before and after photos just to show what love can do!