Sunday, January 27, 2013

Our First Holidays Christmas as a family!

I have been so busy with Thanksgiving and Christmas that I haven't had time to update our blog in a while. I can't believe we have had Kayti for 7 months (almost 8 months on January 7). It has gone by so fast. It's the same amount of time we waited between trips which at the time seemed like an eternity. Kayti had her first big family holiday on Thanksgiving. She enjoyed it a lot and we had a wonderful day. We also drug her out of bed at 4:30 AM on Black Friday to go shopping with us. She was a little trooper and never fussed a bit. We are still wanting to go back for another one and this whole Russian adoption ban makes me want to get started sooner. Kayti is learning more English every day. She can say small sentences now such as sit down and pat the seat, drink milk, drink juice, drink water, ouch when hurt, do you have to go potty (when SHE has to go potty), love you too, don't do that, one more time, and now when you ask her what's your name she will say I Kayti. We are catching on more every day. I have been looking forward to Christmas for quite some time. I kept telling her about Santa of course and that we celebrate Christmas because it is Jesus birthday. We went to see Santa at the mall, and she was very happy to see him. I am not sure if she has seen a Santa before at the orphanage, but she sure was excited about it. Then we had our annual Christmas party at church and Santa came to that too. As soon as she saw him her face lit up and he said who wants to come and sit on my lap and she jumped off and was the first in line! So glad she is not afraid of him. In

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