Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Praising God! The countdown is on. 16 days till we leave to pick up our Kayti and take her out of the orphange and into her forever family. Can not wait!! Most of you know we had court on March 20, 2012 and were declared Kayti's legal parents. Got travel dates on April 9, 2012, and bought tickets. We leave May 5, 2012 from Pittsburgh at 10:09 AM. It has been an incredibly long 3 year journey and to think we are this close to the end is exciting and surreal at the same time. I would be lying if I said I wasnt a little nervous. Dale and I want to also take a minute to thank everyone for their support and love during this emotional rollercoaster. We could not have got through it without you! In particular, our BG adoptive family friends. Nobody understands what we have been through more than another family who has been through or is going through the same process. It has been 184 days since we saw her and another 18 till Gotcha Day. Way, way too long. I am hoping she remembers us just a little bit. For those of you who have followed our journey this may be boring, but since I have finally figured out how to Blog, I am going to recap our first trip and also put in the link for pics of our first trip as well as a video of our first trip, so bear with me! I will also be using this blog in Bulgaria if I can.

Video of our first trip...

Pics of our first visit!!!
October 12, 2011 Tried to post to by blog, but couldnt figure out how to do it. We arrived safely and have been trying to call home but it seems impossible to reach the US by telephone from here. Will try again later. We met our daughter today and I will NEVER forget this day or that moment for as LONG as I live. We arrived at the orphanage and they went to get her and we heard her giggling coming down the hall. She came in the room smiling and the caregiver said something to her and she came right over to me and took my hands and looked up at me and smiled. Oh my, I almost lost it. Dale says when the caregiver said this she clapped her hands. I was too busy just taking her in and didnt notice that. Then we took her into a room to play and had a great time. She laughed and giggled and played with both of us and the one care give had her say I love you Mama and she said it pretty good. Another moment I almost lost it! She also said thank you in English and Bravo Stella. We have to go back at for as we played so hard they wanted her to take a long nap before coming back. The flight over was EXTREMELY long, but overall not bad. I am not sure I would get Dale to say the same thing. Overall, it is going better than I ever imagined. Her smile will absolutely melt your heart! And she smiles A LOT....I have to say this day was well worth the agoinizing 2 year wait. Will post more later!!! Having a great time!
October 13, 2011
Day 2 in Razgrad. Another great day. I forgot to mention yesterday I got to feed her lunch and found out three important things. 1. She does NOT like bread. She will either throw it or if you manage to get her to eat it she will spit it out. 2. When she is full she will let you know by spitting the last bite out. 3. She LOVES peaches. Had another great day today. Just cant wait to show everyone pi...ctures and video of her. Was trying to figure out a way to post a couple of them on here but could not find a place to burn them on to a CD and my camera has the wrong USB cable for the computers here. Yesterday when we left she followed us to the door and really wanted to go with us. Broke my heart! She prefers me, but is warming up to Dale more and more. Having such a good time with her. She is just SOOOOOO happy and joyful. Always smiling and giggling. Got Dales cell phone to work yesterday and was able to talk to Mom. It is virtually impossible to call the US from here...The town where she is a very small. We ate at the hotel restraunt last night. It was actually VERY good. I had chicken and Dale had pork and cabbage. Starting to get a little homesick, but am enjoying EVERY second... There is another little boy in the room with us that is being adopted by a couple from Sweden. Dale played with him a lot today. He's very cute and wants to be held all the time. His parents are coming in about 2 weeks to pick him up. Almost time for us to grab some lunch! More tomorrow. Thanks everyone for your comments...Nice to hear them and keep them coming as it helps with the homesickness.

October 14, 2011 
Day 3 of our journey....We got to take her for her visa photo today and got to stop at a bakery for a piece of cake for a treat for her. She loved it. Cant even believe our time here is growing short. I dont want to think about tomorrow as I know it is going to be very emotional. The weather is cold and rainy today. Michael and Linda, thanks, I agree and would not post any pics of her or say her n...ame until we are LEGALLY her parents. Not taking ANY chances. Over the last couple of days, she has started to trust me  more and more. I cant wait to bring her home! She is just soooooo beautiful. She imitates anythng you do! Soo cute. Learned she does not really care for bananas yesterday. She ate some of it and started to throw the rest on the floor. This is because if it is on the floor, she doesnt have to eat it. Her care givers all seem so nice and kind. They keep saying that God has meant her for us because we are getting along so well. She loved going out today. She is facinated with ANYTHING with wheels..., cars, bikes, trucks, etc. There is a dump truck she likes to play with at the orphange and Dale says he is going home and buy her a dump truck! She is opening up more every day. The first day we were here she didnt even know how to go down the slide. Now she is doing it by herself. We were counting the steps on the slide and saying one, two, three and she is trying to say that now! So cute. We have to go to the notory tomorrow between visits, so I am not sure I will have time to write. Will try though. Miss everyone at home and will see you all soon. Love hearing from everyone and glad you are all following our journey!
October 14, 2012
Our last day in Razgrad with our pumpkin, and then a long journey home! Cant believe our time has gone so fast. Every day we have spent with her has been better and better. Today she finished her lunch for me and that was a first. Had to notorize a bunch of papers at the notory today and that seemed to take forever. Their notories are very thorough! Even though we had seen pictures and video of her, I have to say they do not do her justice! I thought she was really cute and sweet in her pic and video, but in person she is just so much more. Am not looking forward to leaving today...I have tissues ready. I am going to try my hardest not to cry in front of her. I can only hope and pray we finalize everything and get a court date as soon as possible. Also found something she really likes and thats Teddy Grahams. Took a bag of them for her the past two days and today she went looking in the bag for them!! We leave at 4:00 AM here, which is 9pm home time for Varna. Fly to Sofia and are there overnight and leave for Paris at 6:00 AM Sunday which is 10:00 PM sat home time. From Paris to Pittsburgh and we will be home by 2:15 home time on Sunday! Cant wait to see everyone! Our last vist was the best one yet and also the hardest. She really opened up to Dale this afternoon. Was blowing kisses, sighing, and trying to whistle just like he did. It was too cute. Pray for me as we have to say a temporary goodbye....Hope to be back within 4 months.

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