Monday, July 23, 2012

Welcome home party, first post placement scheduled, and more...

I can't believe Kayti will have been with us 3 months on August 7. Such small daily changes. We have our first post placement scheduled for Thursday. We are a little early, but my agent wants us to have plenty of time to get it to Bulgaria before it is due. She is such a sweet, pleasant, happy, funny little girl. We are enjoying every minute of being her parents. God has truly blessed our family:)  She loves to eat now and is eating very well. By my scales we have gained at least 5 pounds. I have only found one food she will still spit out and that is any kind of pasta including macoroni and cheese. Not sure why she doesn't like it, but we have tried several times and several different kinds and all have the same reaction. She still loves to sing twinkle twinkle little star and almost has the words down. She loves to sing anything actually! She also likes to dance now and will dance the hotdog dance with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. It's very cute! Still loves Mickey and Dora. We are exited to be planning to take her to Disney World in the next year. She will repeat ANYTHING you say or at least attempt it. Now she is actually starting to understand concepts of what words mean like more, again, stand up, hi, bye, see you later, please, and thank you and will say them appropriately. She is still more of a night owl than mommy would like. We ususally don't go to sleep till between 10-11 and mommy and daddy get up at 4:30. She, of course, goes back to sleep at Grammys while we go to work! Speaking of Grammy, our parents had a WONDERFUL welcome home party for us at Roche Park in Meadville. We had so many family and friends show up to welcome Kayti to the family! We are so truly blessed and are so fortunate to have such awesome support and love from so many people. She got many nice gifts and had a lot of fun opening them. I only wish my Grandma Peggy would have been able to be there. I know she was with me though because I found a nickle. Only some of you probably know the significance of that. The party wore her out. I have not seen her that tired:) She had so much fun. We are looking forward to fair season coming up in a few weeks. We are sure she will love all the fair activities, rides, animals, food, and staying in the camper! Mommy is also taking her and Aunt Lianna and some of her friends to Waldameer (a local amusement park) on July 31. Hoping she will enjoy that. Hard to believe it is almost August. Summer is going fast! Saying prayers as I am writing this for a safe flight home for my friend Amanda Unroe who is bringing home 5 Bulgarian blessings. Love this big family!! Also for my friend Aimee and Roger Medlin who are bringing home 3. It warms my heart to know these sweet babies are orphans no more! We love you all!!! Dale, Lori, and Kayti

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