Sunday, August 12, 2012

Home 3 months today! :))

So Kayti has been home officially 3 months yesterday and I thought I would give everyone an update. The time has flown and it feels like she has always been with us! I can not begin to imagine WHY she was not chose before we saw her almost a year ago. I guess God must have been saving her for us...She is doing so well. We had our first post placement and it went great. At least I know what to expect for the next one. We're waiting to get it from the caseworker so we can get it apostiled and send it back to BG. Dale and I REALLY really want to go back for another one. The only issue is coming up with the money to start again:(  But we hope to find a way soon. So we will keep you updated on that. We know how long the process can take...but Kayti needs a siblng!! Hope we can count on you all for the same support we had during our first journey. Lets see, she has learned to count now and can count to 10 with you. The other day we were at Moms and Dale left to go home and without anyone telling her she turned toward him and waved and said Bye Daddy! So cute! She is becoming more and more affectionate and loves to give kisses and hugs to her family. She has attached well to all of us. I do have a confession. Right now she is sleeping with us. I know I am going to hear from a lot of you how bad this is, but right now we are enjoying every second of having her in bed with us. (With the exception of the couple times she was singing if your happy and you know it at 12:30 in the morning and the other time of yelling Oh Toodles like they do on Mickey Mouse clubhouse after midnight...LOL!) She really loves being with us and gets excited when she gets in bed. I think we FINALLY got her birthdate figured out and fixed thanks to Patricia Hickey at the Dept of State and a supervisor at USCIS. Now maybe we can get her SS card. We enjoyed a day at Waldameer with Aunt Lianna and some friends. She was in awe of it all. She especially liked the lazy river ride, the merry go round, and the Frog Jumper ride. Over the next couple weeks we will be staying in mom and dads camper with them at the Crawford county and Stoneboro fairs and showing moms miniature horses and Aunt Liannas horse Cruise. I think she is really going to enjoy it. Her vocabulary is growing to let us know when she wants certain things, particularly a drink. She will point to a glass or cup and say drink. She will also go to the bathroom and point and say potty occasionally. We are working hard on this! :)  She can aslo go to the cupbord and say snack, which is what we call everything right now from cookies, chips, crackers, etc. The other day Mom, Lianna, Kayti and I went to the mall in Sharon and drove thru McDonalds on the way home for coffee for my brother and we got her some frys. Mom didnt hand them back to her right away like she usually does and with a few minutes, she was pointing and gesturing and yelling in her Bulgarian babble until we gave them to her. She totally knows what is supposed to happen when you drive thru McDonalds. Food is supposed to come:) Too funny. She  is always able to make us understand what she wants. Oh, when we were shopping the other day, she would point to a particular piece of clothes she liked and say pretty. I am very pleased with her progress. She has so much catching up to do still, but she has come a LONG way from the timid, quiet child we picked up on May 7. Her personality is really beginning to develop. She has really enjoyed watching the Olympics, which surprised me because I thought she would get bored but she will sit and watch them intentlly with me for at least an hour. I let her try popcorn last night. This was the only the second time we have made it since shes been home. She ate 2 bowls and wanted more. She is also now drinking from her own Dora sippy cup which is a good thing. Here are some pics you may not have seen...

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  1. She really looks awesome and love hearing the update. Thanks for sharing. Great pictures. She's just beaming.