Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Back to work:(

Today was my first day back to work. Unfortunately, my vacation is almost used up and there is no paid leave for an adoption where I work, so had to leave Kayti with Grammy today. She did very well. She had a good day. It was very hard for me to leave, but I know she is in good hands and it was good to be back at work.  Only worked a half day, then a full day tomorrow. That way the first week is short as will next week. She can now say mama, daddy, Kayti, bye-bye, thank you, please, Grammy, Nana (Lianna), papa, love you, no, doggy, and Mikey. She went for her first four wheeler ride with Daddy this weekend. Wish I had got out to take some pictures. Then last night, she wanted to get in Dads state truck. Her facination with wheels and trucks continues. Maybe she is going to be a truck driver! Still sometimes have to pinch myself to believe she is really finally home. First time I have been at work in 3 years I havenet felt the need to check email every 5 minutes. You fellow adoptive parents can relate right? Got teary reading her a story last night called God found us you:) I recommend it! Cute book. I also wanted to repost the airport video as I dont think it posted last night. Cant wait to see what a month home brings. We have been home 11 days today!!

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