Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Day 2 evening!

Talked to my Grandpa tonight. He was glad to hear from us. I have forgot to mention she seems to love jewelry. She loves my rings and will hold her finger out for me to put it on hers. She also likes my necklace. We bought her some pants tonight. They all have adjustable waists and are the equivilant of 3T and 4Ts. Found a pair of Puma shoes for her. They are the equivilant of an american 7 1/2, and I brought 9 1/2s. Her feet are tiny. She watched an entire episode of Barney tonight and chattered and sang and loved it. Also really loved a baby einstiens old mcdonald dvd. Bathtime tonight was not much better. The only thing I can say is she didnt shiver and shake tonight. We ate supper at Pizza Roma and had pizza, spagetti with cheese sauce, and sauted potatoes with dill. She ate a lot. She loved the pasta and the pizza. While we were there an unexpected rain storm popped up. It poured and then it hailed. We stayed there until it was over. We have no appointments tomorrow so we can sleep in a little. We went to a small park after getting her clothes and shoes. There was a swing there and I swung with her in my lap. She loved it. Also loved going down the slide. We will go there again tomorrow. Hard to believe that it is almost Wednesday already. So excited to come home in a few days.  We had a great day today and hope for an even better day tomorrow.

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