Tuesday, May 22, 2012

First day back to work and airport video repost

Since I only had 4 weeks vacation and any other time would be unpaid, I went back to work today. Kayti went to Grammys very early about 5:20. She didnt even wake up thankfully. Her and Grammy had a good morning and she even went to the potty for Grammy. Very happy she is adjusting so well and is such a good natured, go with the flow girl. Not much upsets her, unless you take a snack away from her now! LOL! She loves watching Nick Jr, and will watch it intently and talks and sings along. I think she is somewhat of a night owl, as it takes her awhile to unwind at night. Last night we were up on and off till about 1:00am.  Not good when mommy and daddy both work early shifts.  We continue to use the potty chair almost exclusively. Hard to believe how far she has come in a week. She went for a ride on the fourwheeler with Daddy this past weekend and loved it. Wish I had got out to take some pictures. Then last night she was facinated with Dads state truck and wanted to get in it. LOL! Her facination with trucks and wheels continues! Maybe she is going to be a truckdriver! She has expanded her words to say mama, mommy, daddy, papa, grammy, kayti, nana (Lianna), Mikey, please, thank you, love you, bye-bye, ok, and doggie. She can also tell you to sshh! Last night while watching Dora, Dora said circus say circus and she said circus pretty good. Hard to believe we have been home over 10 days. I need to get a good set of scales to monitor her weight as I want to be able to say how much she has grown. There are still times I cant believe that we actually finally have her home. So strange not to be wanting to check email every 5 minutes for news. I was reading her a story last night called God found us you and I had tears in my eyes reading it as it was so true. Overall, I was very sad to leave her today, but I know she is in good hands and it was good to get back to work and develop somewhat of a routine. I am reposting the video from the homecoming at the airport as I dont think it worked the first time. Can't wait to see what being home a month will bring!

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