Wednesday, May 9, 2012

DAY 3 continued....

It is now 9:20 pm and Kayti has been asleep for about 15 minutes. She fell asleep tonight holding the bear Grammy sent her:). Took a picture of it! She ate Pizza Roma spagetti and pizza again for supper tonight plus a container of applesauce. I only brought 4 and we are now down to to. Tried to find some here, but have not been able to. Did find some Gerber Baby Stage 4 mashed apples which may work well. My Bulgarian adoptive friends who recommended Pizza Roma, you were right! It is delicious!! We watched another Barney episode tonight. She LOVES Barney and watches it intently and sings along when the kids sing, or at least her version! So cute! She also really loves the Baby Einstein DVD we brought.Talked to Grammy tonight while we were eating supper because she was chattering up a storm. Mom was able to hear her and I am sure she loved it. She said Daddy, Mamom, Kayti, and byebye, plus a whole lotta babble we cant understand! Bathtime was traumatic as ususal. Even though she played in the sink a little this afternoon. I thought it would help, but wrong! Dale and I usually work together so we can get it done fast. Stopped and got some Nivea chapstick for her lips as they seem to be dry and chapped a little. I really cant believe how well she seems to be doing. She seems to have bonded with us both very quickly and is completely happy most of the time (99%). The other 1% is bath time and when I change her. Not really sure about the changing. Any other adoptive moms have issues with changing diapers at first? Took some cute video tonight of her singing with the Barney DVD. Cant wait to share it! Tomorrow is a free morning up until 2:30 in the afternoon when we go the US Embassy with our attorney from FNA. Not sure of our exact schedule on Friday. I think it depends on how fast the US Embassy gets her visa done. We so sometime Friday morning to FNAs office to pick up all of her documents. These include her birth certificate, a doption decree,  passport, visa, and medical clearance to travel to the US. Then we get to head for home on Saturday morning. It seems to be going VERY quickly on this end, but I know it is not for those at home waiting! She loves having her lotion put on at night and when she is sleepy loves her hands and feet rubbed, especially her hands and fingers. Hoping to try and catch Connie and her family in the morning for a little bit. We explored the city today a lot more and know our way around a little now. Have to give her two types of medicines for her digestion. One is a probiotic. The other is for her lactose intolerance. She took them fairly well the first day, but every day after has been a struggle till we are all almost all 3 in tears. You cant fool her by putting it in her food either, as she is wise to that and just spits it all out. Any advice moms? Better get to bed as it is 9:42 and I want to try to wake her by 7 for breakfast. Trying to get her a little used to our early schedule. Of course there is a 7 hour time change to consider as well! Thanks for all of our comments and for following along!! Much love from Lori, Dale, and Kayti!

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