Thursday, May 10, 2012

A busy day!

Got Kayti up a little earlier today, as when we went down at 9:30 yesterday breakfast was pretty well picked over. She ate an amazing breakfast of eggs, bacon, yogurt, strawberries, and a whole lot of cheerios. She really loved cheerios. I thought today was going to be a relatively short day, as our appointment with the US Embassy was not until 2:30. We came back to the room and the phone rang. It was Maggie saying our US Embassy apt had been moved till 1:30 and her collegue would pick us up in the lobby at 12:45. We took a walk and found a jewelry store and we bought Kayti a cross necklace to give her on her 16th or 18th birthday. By then it was 11:00 and we headed back for lunch. Dale had some pizza from the pizza shop next to the hotel. It had really thick crust. Kayti and I had, you guessed it, KFC. She ate almost 2 chicken strips and 3/4 of her potatoes. Plus a couple bites of Dales pizza. Then we relaxed till time to go the lobby. Not enough time for her to have a nap today...She did fine without one yesterday though. We met Nadia and took a taxi to the Embassy. It is an impressive place. There were many students waiting to get their visas so it was very crowded. Nadia took care of things until it was time for them to call us for our interview. It was very quick and informative. We met Andrew Baker who was very familiar with our case. He asked us if we would like to stay and meet with Patricia Hickey who is a US government official in charge of adoptions in Bulgaria. There were 5-6 other US families who are here picking up their children invited. My friend Connie was one of them, so we finally got to meet and give each other a hug. This was for us to give them feedback as to what could be done to make the process better. There were many stories told and many things talked about but the concensus of all of us moms was this; the process takes too long and the wait between trips is excuciating and can it be combined in one 2 week trip. Hoping and praying some good will come of this and they will take our suggestions to heart. It was so nice to be able to see the other families and their children and hear their stories. Nadia left after our initial interview when we said we would stay because by that time it was 2:45 and the meeting was at 3:30. We went to a little store and she had her first ice cream. We got cookies and cream and a plain chocolate. She loved cookies and cream, but would not eat the chocolate. Headed back to the Embassy and waited till they called us and then were taken to the meeting room. It lasted till 5 and probably could have kept going! Felt really bad for one poor family. I wont post any details of their journey here, but praying for them and what they have been through. We had to call for a taxi back to the hotel and it was rush hour, and there was some construction, so by the time we got back to the room it was 6:15. Dale went and got spagetti and pizza for supper and she ate a ton. Very happy with this. She did miss her nap today as she was tired from the time we got the Embassy on. While waiting for the interview she fell asleep in my lap for about 20 minutes. I dont think this helped. Think it only made her more tired. Watched Barney while she ate supper, then it was bathtime. No progress there! Cant wait to try it at home with some toys and a tub. She is now asleep and snoring. Really cant believe tomorrow is our last day here. It has gone very quickly. We now have to pick up her paperwork at FNA tomorrow at  3:30 and we are ready to travel. It has been a very long day for all of us and I am heading to bed soon too! Cant wait to see everyone in a couple days!! Love to all at home!

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