Monday, May 7, 2012

The most anticpated Gotcha Day ever!!! I'll start from the beginning and you should expect a very long and detailed post! We arrived in Razgrad at at about 6:30 last night. We had the room that our interpreter had the last time and she had our room. We had a very nice dinner in the hotel restraunt. I was VERY jetlagged from the the long flight.and only being able to sleep about two hours the night before we left. I probably got 3 hours sleep on Friday and maybe 2 hours sleep total on the plane.  When we got there, we asked the hotel for some boxes for our orphange donation and the  gifts for the caregivers. After dinner, I boxed up the clothes up for the orphange and wrapped the gifts for the caregivers. We went to bed at around 8 and were sound asleep by about 8:05. Unfortunately, I woke up around 12:30 and could NOT go back to sleep till about 5:00 till 7 and then it was time to get up and ready. I decided to get up and get showered and then I got Kaytis clothes packed up and a bag ready to take for her. We met Maggie for breakfast at around 8:00 AM. Wow Dejavu!! We had trouble finding the orphanage this time, but not too much. We were there shortley after 9. We were taken to the directors office first. She asked for Kaytis clothes and we gave them to her along with the gifts for the caregivers and donation clothes. I had asked if we could take some pictures of her group of kids and with the caregivers.  Unfortunately, I was told no on the children photos. So my fellow Razgrad adoptive parents, I was not able to get this done. Our driver did video tape for us though and I believe he got some shots of them when they werent looking. We will see how it turned out. Denise, I was able to deliver your gifts and ask how they were doing and was told they were doing well. I am not sure they would tell me anything else though! I would love to have loved on them for you. They would not let us go in with the kids. We could look at them through the glass window and they were all playing so that made me happy that they do seem to have a little play time. That may have been because we were there though. Then they brought us her stuff. Her photo album, see n say, bear, and book. We had to search for the photo album though. I also got back the DVD I sent her. We really dont know if she ever got to see it or not. Then we signed some papers and the director told us we could go and see where she slept and the room and look at the other kids in the playroom. We were told we could take a picture of the care givers with her too. Then, it was time to go see Kayti. Saw the one caregiver who spoke English in the hallway and she smiled and said hi to us. She told us the shoes we brought were too big and she was looking for a pair for her to wear. I will keep those for her. They told us she eats a soft, liquid diet. No real reason why. We were told again she is lactose intolerant which was in her medical report and she takes a medicine for that so she can eat dairy.  They also told us she doesnt like to drink liquids, ie water, juice. Sorry I got off track. We went upstairs and went to the bedroom area. She was sitting on her bed. They were just puttingzzzzzzzzzz (LOL Kayti just put the zs on there as she is sitting on my lap) her shoes on when we came in. I really dont think she remembered us at first until I got down and started talking to her then she started smiling and looking very happy. Holding her in my arms and knowing this time was forever was PRICELESS. My tears were flowing. We took the photos of the caregivers, went to the directors office, and then stopped and got a memory card with some photos of her and her group. Our translator has them right now and will download them to my laptop tommorow. My laptop battery died and had the wrong type of converter plug, but Dale made it work tonight. After getting all of this it was time to walk Kayti out of the orphange forever.. One less orphan as of about 10:30 Bulgarian time. Such a surreal, happy moment. I know she has no idea the magnitude of changes coming her way. We then headed to the bank to exchange money. Then back to the hotel to collect our luggage and head for Sofia. The car ride is about 4 hours. Was REALLY concerned about car sickness, but she was such a good little traveler. We stopped at about 11:30 for lunch. She ate a whole plate of mashed potatoes, a few bites of my chicken, and some white cheese off Dales salad. Also a few slices of bread. The only thing she did not like was corn. Tried three times and all three times it came back out. The corn did not really taste like our corn though. So maybe that will change. There was also a yellow cheese on Dales salad she would not eat. She also drank some banana juice and some water on the way here. Oh, before I forget, when we were done eating, Maggie and I had to go to the bathroom. She went ahead of me and I told Dale I better go too, and left Kayti with him and the driver. I was not even able to go, because I could hear her crying from the bathroom and Dale saying Mommy got out of your site huh. Maggie went out but nothing stopped her till I got out there with her. Needless to say I didnt get to go. I can not be anywhere out of site or her lip turns up immediately. That didnt take long! Got her some drink boxes. She loved it. Gave her her sippy cup tonight in the room and she is drinking from it herself now after I showed her once. Once we got to Sofia about 4:20, we had to go to the passport office and have some photo taken for her medical appt. tommorow. That took till about 5:00. Then Maggie our translator left us and the driver took us to our hotel. Maggie is picking us up at 8:00 in the morning for the Dr. appts. She is seeing 3 drs. Not sure why, but I guess that is standard? One is a family dr, an ear nose and throat dr., and I am not sure who the other one is. The hotel is very nice. Not really a good view, but the room is clean and big with a kitchenette, etc. Almost like an appartment. It is now almost supper time. We talked to our moms a bit ago. Both grandmas were glad to hear from us. Mom talked to her. She listened intently. Now she is starting to have some fun with us now. Making faces in the mirror and playing with her toys. Taught her pattycake. She thought that was great fun. She is not potty trained but I already expected as much. She does not care for me changing her diaper yet. Hopefully we will work on that at home so we dont have to have one any more soon. Well, Dale and Layti are ready for supper and so am I. Sorry this is so long. Wanted to try to get as many details of our day in as possible. So far it is going very well! Will write more later! Love from Bulgaria!!


  1. Glad you have had a wonderful pick up trip so far. Enjoy your new daughter. Can't wait to see some new pictures of her.

  2. So glad you made it to the orphanage and safe hands. Knowing at this moment you heart is full of happiness and joy I send my love to your family. I fully understand about not being able to take photos etc. and I am so grateful for you bringing the toys for the children. Many orphanages do not permit photos of other children. SO I understand and also appreciate you trying. This is a true reward and delight knowing both children are doing okay. Today it makes me so happy inside knowing they are playing and enjoying being little. :O)) What a great birthday present this is to know you were able to see them for me and let me know.I can not wait to see updated photos of Katyi and I also can not wait to see how she learns each day the English language. I will keep checking for your updated photos and posts and I appreciate you sharing them :O))
    Many hugs to your little Katyi-bug......Love and Hugs Denise