Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Day 3 ni

Kayti slept from 8:30 last night till about 9 this morning. Did not have the greatest start. She would not eat anything from the hotel breakfast. Not even a bite of scrambled egg. We ate and came back discouraged, but I had brought applesause from home and she ate a container of that and a few gerber apple cinnamon cereal type and a few cheerios. Then we went for a lonnnggg walk around town. Went to the park, but because of the big rain last night, I didnt take her on the swings again as it was very muddy. Trying to get together with my friend Connie and her husband who are here picking up their cute little boy Ethan. Kind of hard when we are not at the same hotel and dont know where things are. We are not giving up though. Exchanged some money and bought some souveniers and came back to the hotel and Dale went and brought KFC back to the room. She LOVES KFC chicken strips. Wants to feed them herself. I am afraid she will take too big a bite. I wasnt feeding her potatoes fast enough to suit her so she picked up her spoon and did it herself. You can see this in my new pics. Thought she was going to take a nap. But she layed there for about 15 minutes and babbled and laughed out loud and kept trying to find something to play with. I guess maybe a nap everyday is not going to be in her plans! She is so cute. She still loves teddy grahams and goldfish and is having a snack of those now. Then we are going for another walk. We have no appointments today, so we can relax and do whatever we want. We go to the US Embassy tomorrow at 2:30 for her exit interview and then to FNA's office on Friday to pick up all of her documents and we are ready to go home Saturday morning. Sure hope we see lots of smiling farmiliar faces at the airport! More tonight! Love from Bulgaria!

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  1. So Happy as always to read your wonderful posts. Each day I love looking at all the photos or your little one and seeing the both of you so happy. The interview at the US Embassy you will not be in there very long and you will see a really nice many in the back that will process your daughters exit visa. It should be ready the following day but sometimes there may be issues with computers being done in the US so do not worry they work very hard to get it done quickly. It is great seeing each day all the things you guys are doing and it brings back so many memories. I loved Bulgaria also... Have a blessed day:O))) Much love denise