Thursday, May 17, 2012

Home 5 days!!

I was going to wait until we had been home for a whole week to blog, but I have been asked by lots for an update sooner, so here goes. We arrived home Saturday night and had a wonderful reunion with family. When we got up on Sunday, Dale ran to the store for me as I had not bought many groceries before we left. Then we ate breakfast and went to church. She was a perfect child in church. Sat and ate a bag of cheerios the whole time. By the way, she LOVES cheerios. Will cry very loudly if you take them from her. She even sang along with the hymns in church! Then my cousins stopped to see her. Mom had planned a party for those who met us at the airport. Nothing fancy just burgers and hotdogs, etc. It turned out to be more than that as we had even more family here. Kayti did great with this as well. She absolutely loves our neighbor Evelyn and talked up a storm to her. So cute!! Then Lianna, Dane, and Naomi took her out in the yard. She loved running through the grass. She learned to catch and kick a ball quickly! Bath time Sunday was still not fun. Monday, Mom and I went to the chiropractor and then we went shopping for some smaller clothes and a potty chair. Also got some light up shoes. She liked shopping. She learned to say sshh to be quiet today and then kept telling it to us! She is eating better all the time. She loves yogurt and will eat an entire adult yogurt. She also likes bacon a lot and is eating 4 slices for breakfast. Tuesday, we had our first trip to Wal-Mart. Loved riding in the cart. Wednesday was a day to relax and stay home. I think she had too much running around and needed this downtime badly. We did very little that day! We had a major accomplishment that day though. I got her up from her nap and she was still dry, so I thought that this is the perfect time to try our new potty chair. Mommy is happy to report that it was a success and she LOVES her potty chair and has gone in it almost every time with the exception of overnight and once today. We have done #1 and #2 as well!! Yay! Let's hope it continues. So amazed at how well she has done. Went to Dr. Stabile today. He thought she was pretty cute too. She did everything he asked her to do including taking a deep breath. So funny. She can say a few english words now, mama, daddy, Kayti, Grammy, Mikey, Nana, Papa, thank you, bye-bye, ok, love you, and potty. Overall, I would say it is going fairly well. She appears to be getting more comfortable with us and her new home everyday! Cant wait to see what another week brings!! Thanks to everyone again who has been following our journey and offering comments and support. It has been an emotional rollercoaster and could not have got through it without you all!! Much love,
Lori, Dale, and Kayti!

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