Friday, May 11, 2012

Our final day in Sofia!

Cant believe this is our last day in Bulgaria. I have to say the week here flew. We were busy every day. Today she finished an entire yogurt for breakfast, as well as cheerios, eggs, bacon, and a few bites of some orange. She didnt seem to want to go for a walk today. She would walk a little and then want picked up. We have walked an awful lot this week, though. More than she every has I'm sure. We have been going to a little park near the hotel where she can swing and go down a slide. I see us getting a swingset in the VERY near future. She loves to swing. Bought the last few souvenier things I wanted and by this time it was lunch. Of course, it was KFC. She is eating a little more every day. I found out she would rather drink from a bottle or regular cup than to have a sippy cup. She drink a whole bottle of water today which is very good for her!  I'm guessing every one at home is probably bored with my blog as I have not had as many comments lately! LOL. That's ok. We were told by Nadia yesterday that Maggie would pick us up at the hotel lobby and walk with us to FNA as we did not know where it was for sure. After being there, I can say we probably would not have found it on our own! Got all our travel documents and all of Kayti's information, ie medical, birth certificate, adoption decree, etc. So nice to see it all in writing and have the actual paperwork in my hands that says she is ours! Very surreal moment looking at all of it! Got the pictures and video Maggie took on my computer. I am going to sent them a copy of the DVD of photos from the first visit. It will eventually maybe posted on their website. She played with a toy there and ate pretzels. She is learning to chew more all the time. Gave her cheese puffs today and oh boy did she love those. Wanted one in each hand! Had to buy another bag for a snack tonight. We had to sign some documents and she was facinated with the pen and I gave her a piece of paper and made some lines and held her the pen and she did the same. She was so happy with herself. Smiled and would not let go of that piece of paper! Carried it all the way back to the room with us! Then it was time to say goodbye to our FNA family! I was very sad to say goodbye to Maggie. She has been so kind to us. I am so glad we will be able to keep in touch! Ran into one of the families from the meeding yesterday on our way to supper. We are all very excited to be going home! Came back and packed everything we dont need in the morning. We are leaving for the airport at 6:30 AM which is 11:30 PM home time. Our flight from Sofia to Vienna leaves at 8:05. We arrive in Dulles around 2:30 pm and leave around 4:50 for Pittsburgh arriving at about 5:50.... It is now 9:30 and Kayti and Dale are asleep and I should be too. I will post today's pics first. Thank you everyone who has followed our journey and offered comments, support, etc. We appreciate it more than you will ever know. Overall, our adoption experience has been at times very trying, but in the end it has all been worth it and we can not wait to see everyone at home. We have enjoyed our time in Bulgaria very much both trips. Everyone has been so nice and helpful and we have many pictures and memories to share with her when she is older. Still, can not wait to get on the plane tomorrow! Love to all for the final time from Bulgaria. Next stop home sweet home!!!


  1. Congratulations for making it through the trip in Bulgaria! :D The best is yet to come!! I pray your transition home is smooth!!!

  2. I have loved reading your blog. Thanks for sharing.