Monday, May 7, 2012

Gotcha Day continued...

Wow, reading my posts makes me realize how tired I must have been! It had many typos in it. Pretty bad from someone who types for a living! A couple of things I forgot to mention yesterday. First, one of the things I gave her before we left the orphanage was the horse Lianna got for her at horse expo. It is soft and colorful and squeeks and rattles. It is one of her favorite things. She STILL loves the farmer see n say more than any of the others I got her. Also she is learning how to chew because the kids are mostly all on a liquid diet. I dont want to give her too big of a mouthful at once. Found out she LOVES goldfish crackers. I had a few in my hand but was only giving her one at a time and she tried to pry the others out of my hand! We found a restraunt at about 7 pm last night and she ate another dish of mashed potatoes and some cheese bread. She did not like my chicken skewers. I even tried to mix a bite in w the mashed potatoes and she was not fooled. I had her using a spoon and feeding herself mashed potatoes. She did very well with that. I was helping a little, but still very pleased she got the idea right away. Dale and I think she is left handed. She seems to use it more. Just like her aunt Lianna! Stopped at a market and got a banana, grape juice, water, and some yogurt. Then it was time for what I was dreading and that is bath time. She started whimpering from the time I took her diaper off. We have no bathtub in the room only a shower and I thought a shower would absolutely TERRIFY her. There is a large sink in the bathroom so I filled it with water and put her in there. Got her bathed and her hair washed. She was absolutely terrified the entire time. She cried big tears and was shaking very badly. Felt so bad for her...But we hurried and then I rubbed some baby lotion on her and put her in her jammies and wrapped her in a blanket and held her for about a half hour. She started playing a little more then. Tried to dry her hair with a hairdryer and she was scared of that too. Got it dry though and then it was time for bed. She is either a night owl or just very wound from a  long and trying day with so many firsts, but she did not want to go to sleep. I layed her in bed wiht us even though there was a little toddler bed in the room. She talks to herself and self soothes a lot. Before we went to eat she wanted a kleenex and she held on to it the entire time and took it to bed with her along with the horse. Finally after a lot of tossing and turning by all three of us, I picked her up and put her in her toddler bed. That did not work either. She was still playing with the kleenex and horse. Finally took them away and she went to sleep. She slept soundly all night. Yay! It is now 7:00 am and we have to be in the lobby at 8 to meet Maggie, so I am going to have to wake her soon. Overall, she is doing amazingly well for a little one with her whole way of life suddenly changed. Will try to post pics tonight. Maggie took some too, and I am going to download them to my laptop this afternoon and then will be able to post some. Miss everyone at home and know we are going to have a wonderful welcome committee at the airport. It is already Tuesday so our week is going pretty fast. More tonight!!!

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