Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Day 2 as a family of 3!

Kayti woke up very happy this morning and ate an amazing breakfast of scrambled eggs, sausage, half a banana and some strawberries. She especially loved the eggs and strawberries. Met Maggie at 8:30 in the lobby and we took a 10 minute taxi drive to a private hospital/dr office building. Met with an ear, nose, and throat doctor, an eye dr., who says she will have to see an eye dr after she gets home and settled a while because she could/would not do the necessary things to test her vision. Then we had a long wait for an apt with a pediatrician. She talked up a storm while we were waiting. Kept saying conche which is horse. We left Liannas horse at the hotel and I think this may have been what she wanted. She also started calling me mamom. Dale and I sometimes say mama and sometimes mommy so this may be her version of combing the two? The periatrician told us again about her third tonsil which is why she snores as loud as Dale or my dad! LOL. Will have to get this looked into at home too. Other than that, the pediatrician said she will make great strides gaining weight now with a family and not in the orphanage where they are fed and given 10 minutes to eat and what they dont is thrown out. She needs someone who is patient to feed her as she gets easily distracted. I am trying to have NO distractions around while feeding and not let her up til I feel she is comfortably full, as she likes to get up and walk away and come back. At least till we gain some weight. Her size four pants are a tad too long, but fall down around her waist the minute she stands up. Luckily I brought 2 pair from Pennys with adjustable waists that you can tighten the waist and she has worn those the past 2 days. We need to go shopping and get shoes and pants. We got back from the dr. appts at approximately 11:45 and Dale walked to KFC and brought lunch back to the room. She LOVED mashed potatoes with gravy. And KFC chicken strips. Also had brought some small things of applesauce with us and she at half of one of those as well as her bowl of mashed potatoes and an entire chicken strip. Now her and Daddy are napping and I am relaxing:)  We are going to Pizza Roma for supper tonight. We couldnt find it the first time we were here and I have heard so much about it, I cant wait to try it. We have a free day tomorrow. Yay! Oh, before lunch I took her in the bathroom and turned on the sink to wash her hands and the second I turned the water on, she started crying, so I am sure bathtime tonight will be no better. I want to thank everyone for your posts and following my boring rambling blog. Your messages have meant a lot while we are so far away! We are halfway through. 4 days down, 4 more to go! Hope you enjoyed some of the pictures. Maggie has more on her camera that I wont get till Friday. Love from Bulgaria!
Lori, Dale, and Kayti

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