Sunday, May 6, 2012


Wanted to post to let everyone know we made it to Razgrad at 6:30 pm Bulgarian time. That's about 11:30 am home time. We arrived on time in Sofia and drove 4 hours to Razgrad. Lets hope Kayti doesnt get car sick tomorrow!! Had a nice dinner at the hotel restraunt. Got the clothes ready to go to the orphanage and the gifts for the caregivers and director. Our suitcases should be a lot lighter. Poor Dale looked like a pack mule at times. LOL!!!! Can not believe in less than 12 hours I am going to see my girl again! Can not wait to post GOTCHA tomorrow!! The plane rides were all very smooth, except the one from Pittsburgh to Dulles, which had propellers and was very loud. The drive here was definately an experience and I will tell you all about it another time. Let's just say I thought my hair may be white by the time we pulled into the hotel!! Miss everyone at home! Keep the facebook post coming! It helps to hear from everyone!! Love to all from Bulgaria:) Looking so forward to my post tomorrow!!!

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